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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Venus de Milo made of snow is CENSORED!!! And more bizarre news

A family from New Jersey had to cover-up its snow statue on their front yard because of an order from the Police.

Elisa Gonzalez, a 44 years old mom from Rahway, told reporters her and her 12 and 21 years old children had built the famous Greek armless statue in her front yard.

But an anonymous neighbor told the police about a nude snow woman, and the police asked the family to either cover it up or destroy it.

It is sexier now though.

Do you want some more bizarre news?? Check out this dog that is addicted to cigarettes and NEEDS at least 2 a day. This great report was found on

What about receiving 45 pounds of weed in a box delivered by UPS?? That is not the only problem; the biggest one is that Sarah Howell Leach, from North Carolina, was just expecting her new computer. As soon as she found out what it was she called the police. Check out the full report on

What about this under water museum in Isla Mujeres in Mexico. When everything is completed, the museum will count with some 400 concrete figures. The first sculptures were made by the British artist Jason de Caires. A few pictures can be found here at Pick Chur.

I am going to finishing this post about strange news with the Police of Dayton, Ohio. Training, a couple of weeks ago, was a little bit different than usual, some may say. Some cops had to drink alcoholic beverages as part of an exercise. According to them, they had to be models for other cops to perform the sobriety test. Not too bad of a job I would say. The full report and a video can be found at

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