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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Grandma Gets Fined For Selling Fish

I'm a bit torn in two on this story. At first you think, "All she did was sell a goldfish to some kid." But you have to also consider the child's age, or ability to care for the animal. You can't just sell pets to just anybody. That's why she was fined and put on a curfew. They have animal protection laws for a reason.

This bust of this British pet store was all a part of a
sting operation. This store was suspected by the local council to be selling pets to children without asking about the care and safety of the animal. An incident happened where the store sold a gerbil to a mentally challenged child, and the gerbil ended up in a cup of coffee. The shop owner, 66-year-old Joan Higgins was fined, given a curfew, and had been electronically tagged. Her 47-year-old son that manages the shop was fined, and ordered to do community service. I'm glad that this happened because it may have opened their eyes to how serious their actions were. I think it may have helped save the lives of many other animals.

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