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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Surf a wave for 40 minutes?

This is possible at river tides such as in the Amazon Basin. Known as Pororoca, these tidal waves of six meters high and speeds of 30 kilometers per hour can be surfed by highly skilled surfers. This phenomenon happens due to the connection of the sea with the river at certain moon phases and is common during equinoxes.

Check you this awesome video of pororoca surfing. The coming of the Pororoca can be anticipated as a tremendous noise coming from the river can be heard as early as two hours in advance followed by an unusual silence. This is a sign known to the region natives that is time to get away from the river and search for safe grounds. To the adventurous surfers it is time to get their surfboards and get ready for the adrenaline.

The Pororoca has become a touristic attraction to the region as the
Brazilian National Pororoca Surfing Championship is now held every year. Pororoca surfers faces challenges as choosing a not so tall wave to catch as it increases their chances to surf longer. Other unusual challenges that only Pororoca surfers face are adjusting to the river's curves, avoiding piranhas, alligators, and leopards. That is some extreme surfing!!!


  1. It is absolutely cool! Take a look at this video and feel a bit better the emotion of it!