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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Shark attacks.........sip some whisky!

On I found an article about the worst places for animal attacks. For example, it tells you about the most common places for shark attacks. Florida is ranked as one of the most common places to be attacked by a shark but there is a place in Australia that shark attacks are becoming more and more common… read the article and get some tips on how to prevent or what to do if attacked!....Summer is coming so this can come in handy….

The “Shark Monitor” is a blog that tracks shark attacks around the world. It gives you detail information on the place, time, and injuries. You can read the stories and leave comments!

On “Greg Laden’s” blog you can also read 2 stories about animal attacks. The first story is about a tiger at the San Francisco Zoo that escaped its cage … the second story is about a circus bear that killed its trainer and injured 2 other people…. This blog has posts on science and culture…click, read, and comment!

The “Buckle’s Blog” is a blog that talks about circus history around the world….I read that Ursula Bottcher passed away March 4, 2010. Ursula Bottcher was a polar bear trainer and was called the "Brilliant Baroness of Bears".

Speaking of polar bears ….go into “The Polar Blog” to read about Sir Ernest Shackleton’s whisky supply that has been discovered in Antarctica….
Who said you can’t get warm in the pole when you have whisky?!

Anna Lee

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