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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sooo, Was It Good For You??

A 37 years old man was arrested last Saturday (3/20) after he was caught watching a pornographic movie while driving in a highway in New York. According with the police, Michael Mangano was patrolling the area when he noticed a driver, identified as Gerald L. Williams, watching a porn movie. He was arrested for exhibiting offensive sexual material in public

What about this guy? He was arrested in Ames, Iowa for robbing a church and watching pornographic movies inside the temple. Charles E. Bentley, 55 years old, took a few items during the morning and decided to crash the attic, where he enjoyed a very pleasant evening having a date with himself. He was arrested the next morning when leaving the church.

Changing the subject a little, Marty Wombacher, a 51 year-old North American, is trying to visit 365 bars in 365 days in New York. As of March 23 he has visited 72 bars already. He has also created a blog in order to update everyone about his journey. So far his favorite bar is “Winnie’s” in Chinatown. Apparently it has a lot of interesting people.

Clearly this wedding was meant to work out!! The North American Roger Adler, 42 years old, is suing his ex-fiancĂ© in the Supreme Court in Manhattan asking her to give back his $58,000. He says she has to since their relationship is over. He proposed to her after 6 weeks of dating and gave the ring to celebrate the union. Too bad the “union” was over after 12 days. He is a little stupid though. Lastly, he also says this was not the first time she broke up with him after receiving a valuable gift. I rest my case. He is dumb.

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  1. People have no respect for the church anymore. It's really sad.