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Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Cold ones....the blood drinkers that we love!

For all the Twilight Saga lovers out there:

The new teaser trailer for Eclipse has been loaded on…The full length trailer will be released on the Remember Me movie premier starring Robert Pattinson and Emilie de Ravin from Lost…..

Here is a blog that tries to figure out what will happen on the popular TV show Lost…..What do you think will happen next on Lost?

For those of you who know nothing of The Twilight Saga you can go to Stephanie Meyer’s (the author of the books) website and read about her work….she also has the first chapters of each book for people to read!....This is a romantic story that involves vampires and warewolves…..

Speaking about vampires…if they are your thing and you wish you could meet one or talk to one….here is a blog about a guy who talks everything vampire and even states he is a vampire himself!.....check him out on the link above….

You can go to Video Hound Blog’s to read which movies are the ten best vampire movies of the modern era….

Watch your necks everyone!

Anna Lee

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