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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Assault With Snake

Tony Smith was charged with assault and battery for his attack on another guest at The Executive Inn in South Carolina. After Jeffery Culp spoke with Smith about turning down his loud music, Smith came up to Culp a while later and shoved a python in his face. When the police came, they found Smith walking on the balcony of the second floor still holding the snake. After giving up the snake to a family member, he was immediately arrested. Police reports state that Smith had been drinking before the incident.

I think that Smith hit Culp in the face with the snake hoping that the snake would bite him. Ball pythons are quite tame, but if any snake feels threatened, then the more likely it is to attack. The whole thing was just pointless, all he had to do was just turn down his music. I don't feel sorry for him, and I'm not going to blame it on the alcohol (sorry Jamie)! If he was able to organize the whole thing (calling someone and bringing the snake into the hotel), then he did have a shred of common sense available. He should have been charged with animal cruelty too!

Check out the video after the incident.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

US Government Caused Earthquake in Haiti

At least this is what Hugo Chavez has been claiming. Click here to learn more. My reaction to this news was a big laugh... I thought it was pretty funny. So what? Does the US now have an earthquake machine? Or does the president have super powers? Well, htey believe it to be the first option. The US posses a program called HAARP. HAARP stands for High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program. This program is aimed at studying the Earth's ionosphere. According to this site, the apparatus sends a high frequency radio that heats the Earth's ionosphere and the wave beans return towards the Earth affecting everything it crosses including the Earth itself.

The military claims it uses the facility for research purposes only while others like Hugo Chavez believe they have other uses for the program. Is this just another conspiracy theory or another atomic bomb on the making? Just after Chavez's accusations several blogs came out with controversal opinions. The Internet is packed with supporters of conspiracy theories. In my opinion, the Internet is a great place to gather information. But before getting the word out and accusing the government of such horrific acts as this one use good sense and don't blame others before analyzing the facts. Then, take any conclusion you want.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Women Try Traveling With Dead Body

This was a very strange story. How could they not know that he was dead? Two women were arrested on the suspicion of not reporting the death of a 91-year-old man. Gitta Jarant and Anke Anusic , ages 66 and 44, tried to leave on a flight to Berlin with the deceased Willi Jarant. They put sunglasses on him and told airport staff that he was sleeping.

Concerned airport staff called for medical help, but later found out the man had already been dead. The women were arrested immediatedly, and later on made bail until June 1. Anke claimed that he may have died along the way. She said Willi had Alzhiemer's, and that his health was starting to fail. The two women said that Willi just wanted to go home to die. With the help of a coroner, the police are doing some further investigation into the case.

Laws that can lock you up in prison!

On MSNBC.COM I found an article titled “World’s strangest traffic laws” when I started reading it I thought to myself….next trip I’ll make sure I cover every little thing before I go to that country…Not only knowing where I am staying or where I want to go …I need to know if I am getting transportation from local people or if I am getting transportation myself…If I am getting a car I need to do my research so I don’t violate any laws!.......and hopefully not end up in jail if I ever decide to drive in Vietnam without a Vietnamese drivers license…. Click on the link above to check this article out!

Also, I found this blog on MySpace that tells you about weird laws that exist in the US…or so it says! Click on this link Weird Laws in the USA to read these absurd laws! Like not waking a bear up to take a picture of it!

On Hotel Travel Blog you can also read on really weird laws that Singapore has that you might want to consider before you visit! not littering because if you get caught you can get fined $1000!

So break the law under your own risk!

Anna Lee

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Property Bargains

In the mists of the real state crisis Broward County foreclosure sales gain visibility by going online. Instead of the tedious traditional auctions the county gains international exposure. By simplifying the process the county is expecting to reduce the cost of auctions and to increase property turnover. The piling of foreclosure all over the country generates many problems for counties and neighborhoods. Vacant homes become housing for drug dealers and for other illicit activities.

This new auction system is sure to facilitate the foreclosure sales but is this enough? While specialists state that new jobs are being created throughout the country all my friends that were unemployed last year remain unemployed. And certainly enough I was able to find their houses on the online auction. Needless to say, they miss the old system.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Learn How to Be a Good Seller!!

This TV infomercial presenter from England made a fool of himself when he broke the screen of a LCD TV, which according to him, was resistant to any type of hit.

The seller was showing the qualities of the product during a TV show, when he announced that the screen of the TV could resist to any fall or pressure. As proof he punched the screen three times, on the third one the screen broke. Visibly embarrassed, he didn’t stop talking and told his assistant, “Oh! I have broken it. Look at that.” Then he makes an attempt to explain what happened, but it didn’t quite work out.

This is amazing! Participants of a fake French TV show were surprised with an electric chair in the middle of the studio, where, apparently, one of the guests was electrocuted to death. The “Death Game” is part of a documentary showing how people can follow orders and surrender themselves to the power of the communication mediums. Asked to be participants on a new TV program, 80 volunteers were instructed to ask questions to participants, who were place on the electric chair. To every wrong question they would be electrocuted. What the volunteers didn’t know was that the whole equipment was fake and the person sitting on the chair was actually an actor hired by the program.

These cows have it all, don’t they? In order to grow the production of milk, a Russian farmer installed LED TVs in his corral for the cows to watch. According to “English Russia”, the farmer believes the cows will be happier and more productive if they watch movies with a lot of green fields. Not only that, but the they are 32-inch TVs. I don't even have one of those.

Disney Tragedy

Disney Parks are all about fun and excitement. Well not so much on this April's Fool as a 9 year old buy was killed in a accident with a Disney bus. The boy was riding his bicycle and for some reason he got off the curb, hit the side of the bus and was then pulled under the rear tire.

Although Disney parks are highly safe sometimes accidents happen and when they do they get lots of attention. There is even a website that dedicates much effort to report accidents on theme parks.
This is a very unfortunate end to a family vacation.

The happiest place on earth is mourning today and so are we.