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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Laws that can lock you up in prison!

On MSNBC.COM I found an article titled “World’s strangest traffic laws” when I started reading it I thought to myself….next trip I’ll make sure I cover every little thing before I go to that country…Not only knowing where I am staying or where I want to go …I need to know if I am getting transportation from local people or if I am getting transportation myself…If I am getting a car I need to do my research so I don’t violate any laws!.......and hopefully not end up in jail if I ever decide to drive in Vietnam without a Vietnamese drivers license…. Click on the link above to check this article out!

Also, I found this blog on MySpace that tells you about weird laws that exist in the US…or so it says! Click on this link Weird Laws in the USA to read these absurd laws! Like not waking a bear up to take a picture of it!

On Hotel Travel Blog you can also read on really weird laws that Singapore has that you might want to consider before you visit! not littering because if you get caught you can get fined $1000!

So break the law under your own risk!

Anna Lee

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  1. Even though these laws are weird, they have more to do with common sense. The Singapore government has their unusual way to prohibit you from doing something against their country’s interests and so far, it has proved quite effective.