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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

US Government Caused Earthquake in Haiti

At least this is what Hugo Chavez has been claiming. Click here to learn more. My reaction to this news was a big laugh... I thought it was pretty funny. So what? Does the US now have an earthquake machine? Or does the president have super powers? Well, htey believe it to be the first option. The US posses a program called HAARP. HAARP stands for High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program. This program is aimed at studying the Earth's ionosphere. According to this site, the apparatus sends a high frequency radio that heats the Earth's ionosphere and the wave beans return towards the Earth affecting everything it crosses including the Earth itself.

The military claims it uses the facility for research purposes only while others like Hugo Chavez believe they have other uses for the program. Is this just another conspiracy theory or another atomic bomb on the making? Just after Chavez's accusations several blogs came out with controversal opinions. The Internet is packed with supporters of conspiracy theories. In my opinion, the Internet is a great place to gather information. But before getting the word out and accusing the government of such horrific acts as this one use good sense and don't blame others before analyzing the facts. Then, take any conclusion you want.

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