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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Learn How to Be a Good Seller!!

This TV infomercial presenter from England made a fool of himself when he broke the screen of a LCD TV, which according to him, was resistant to any type of hit.

The seller was showing the qualities of the product during a TV show, when he announced that the screen of the TV could resist to any fall or pressure. As proof he punched the screen three times, on the third one the screen broke. Visibly embarrassed, he didn’t stop talking and told his assistant, “Oh! I have broken it. Look at that.” Then he makes an attempt to explain what happened, but it didn’t quite work out.

This is amazing! Participants of a fake French TV show were surprised with an electric chair in the middle of the studio, where, apparently, one of the guests was electrocuted to death. The “Death Game” is part of a documentary showing how people can follow orders and surrender themselves to the power of the communication mediums. Asked to be participants on a new TV program, 80 volunteers were instructed to ask questions to participants, who were place on the electric chair. To every wrong question they would be electrocuted. What the volunteers didn’t know was that the whole equipment was fake and the person sitting on the chair was actually an actor hired by the program.

These cows have it all, don’t they? In order to grow the production of milk, a Russian farmer installed LED TVs in his corral for the cows to watch. According to “English Russia”, the farmer believes the cows will be happier and more productive if they watch movies with a lot of green fields. Not only that, but the they are 32-inch TVs. I don't even have one of those.

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