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Friday, February 26, 2010

Serial Killer Found Guilty

Rodney Alcala is a sick, twisted little man. This guy gets out of prison and is still raping and killing women. His body count includes Robin Samsoe, Jill Barcomb, Charlotte Lamb, Georgia Wixted, and Jill Parenteau.

What makes somebody turn into a serial killer?

What's the difference between a serial killer and a mass murderer?

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Want to win easy money by watching a movie??

Could anyone afraid of horror movies stay through the end of a film full of spirits, monsters, and blood for US$10,000?

The contestant has to stay until the end of the credits of Phoonk 2, which has as its theme bad spirits that will make hell out of this family’s life.

In an interview with the director of the film, Ram Gopal Varma, says that anyone who is not afraid of horror films may be challenged.

During a screening of Phoonk 2, the person will have its heart beats monitored, as well as have a camera turned to his/her face to make sure the eyes are open for the whole time.

The challenge will start in March 10 in the film’s official web site, and it will be available to everyone who lives in the Indian Territory and they must be between 18 – 60 years old.

In the first version of Phoonk, the director made the same challenge available, and he said the winner wasn’t even able to stay for 30 minutes in the theater.

Watch the trailer and let me know what you think.

Go to Busy Body Blog to see what the Top 10 scariest horror movies of all times are in his opinion and Rotten Tomatoes.

Come fly with me, let's fly, let's fly away

I was reading on MSNBC that a Japan airline has decided to respond to a women-only survey conducted in 2007. This survey determined that women WANT their own bathroom when flying! No more sharing toilets with men ladies! At least when flying on All Nippon Airways…

Speaking of Japan, have you ever seen or experienced using the bathroom over there? I hear the toilet is on the ground and you have to stand up… I then bumped with this article that was posted on “About an Island” this person also said that they have western looking toilets…. One difference is that they have remote controls with special gadgets…follow the link and find out what these gadgets do… is a hint for one of them: ever felt the toilet seat cold? Not anymore!

Going back to women requesting their own bathroom…. Let’s be honest but we (women) love to make requests and sometimes they can be weird or annoying….
This Healthy Lifestyle Blog will show you what women tend to do to restaurants menus….Do you agree?

Talking about eating right… The Diet Blog has an article titled
“Poll: Bacon or Sex?” …. Apparently 43% of Canadians said they would rather eat bacon than have sex….find out the percentage of men who said this…

If you are a bacon lover as well I found the perfect blog for you…
The Bacon Show is a blog that gives you recipes that include bacon!

I hope you enjoy the links.....SAYONARA everyone!

Anna Lee

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Trainer Killed by Shamu at SeaWorld Orlando in Florida

According to the police, a SeaWorld Orlando trainer died after being attacked by the killer whale after, apparently, slipping and falling into the tank where the animal was.

But a witness told a TV station that the trainer had just explained to the crowd how the show was going to happen when the animal jumped from the tank, grabbed her and shook her violently in front of the public. After the attack, the visitors were told to leave and the park was closed.

Even though the park had not yet released the name of the victim, a Police officer identified her as Dawn Brancheau, 40 years old.

Check out the full report on the Sun Sentinel.

This, by the way, is not the first incident happening at park from the SeaWorld chain. In November of 2006, the trainer Kenneth Peters was bitten and taken under water various times by an orca in a show in San Diego, California. He only broke a foot and the whale had already attacked the trainer twice, in 1993 and 1999. Check it all out on MSNBC.

Also, in 2004 in the park in San Antonio, Texas another whale tried to hit and bite a trainer, but he was able to save himself without a scratch. The video of the report is available on

Apart from all this madness, why don’t we try to see the better side of whales with this video on youtube which I am sure everyone will enjoy.

Love Those Love Handles

Have you ever sat around your house complaining about how you need to lose weight? Well, what if I told you that a few of your extra pounds could help save your life? This was the case for 35 year old Samantha Lynn Frazier. As she entered an Atlantic City bar, Samantha clutched her left side after hearing two pops. Samantha told press that if it wasn't for her love handles she would have been dead. In my opinion this is just another one of those rare events. It's kind of like Briana Bonds , a woman who stopped a bullet with her weave. There have also been cases where stuffed bras, and bra underwires have saved the lives of many women. Unusual, but still pretty amazing!

Also, how fat do you have to be to stop a bullet?

Monday, February 22, 2010

Google Buzz -- and you thought Facebook had privacy issues?

Google came out with Google Buzz in reaction to Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, and the like. Google Buzz can be found in your gmail account. We all have a profile somewhere on the net...but do we really stop and think about all the personal information we put out there for anyone and everyone around the world to see? Although Google is the most popular search engine, don't you think they came out with Buzz a little too late? How many Profiles can someone have or even keep up with? I can barely keep up with 1 Facebook profile and 5 different email accounts...
The article I found talks about certain diadvantages Google Buzz has and how it can affect your privacy.... This Blog is called "ComputerWorld" and mainly talks about technology and what people do with it...
Find out what the fuzz about Google Buzz is......
Anna Lee

Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Natural Substance with 0 Calories and Sweeter than Sugar?

How come many of us never heard about this "miraculous" plant? Some speculate that big corporations that produce or uses aspartame in their products lobby against the introduction of stevia in markets such as US, Canada, and Europe. Speculation or reality? Well, I don't have enough data to confirm or deny such controversial claims and I am not here do judge those involved.

Why is these issue so controversial? Perhaps because aspartame is an artificial substance that is widely used on dietary supplements and it is believed to provoke or accelerate many health issues. Among the substance's side effects the most dangerous are: brain tumor, epilepsy, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer, lymphoma, fibromyalgia, diabetes, birth defects, and mental retardation.

What is Stevia? Stevia is a small bush native in Paraguai, Brasil, and China. It has great sweetening capacity and in its natural state it is approximately 10 to 15 times sweeter than sugar. Unlike other types of artificial sweetener, it is not bitter in taste. Stevia was discovered and used by native tribes such as the Guarani in South America for many years and in its known for many benefits such as: be calorie free, does not cause diabetes, does not alter sugar levels, is natural, can be used for cooking, and it prevents the formation of cavities.

Additionally, stevia is known for its medicinal properties such as being hypoglycemic, inhibiting carbohydrates, cigarets and alcohol cravings, treating diabetes and indigestion, being a skin tonic, and treating cardiovascular problems.

What to do? The option is yours, I did my homework and came to my own conclusions. I have added stevia to my grocery list and will search for it next time I visit a grocery store. Don't take my word for it, do your own research. A must read blog on the subject is Everything about Stevia where you will find information, myths, and even great recipes using stevia.

I wish you good luck and a healthy life!

Friday, February 19, 2010

YouTube You Choose Really Useful

The article I have posted is basically talking about YouTube and its new feature for movie uploaders. This feature allows users to animate their posts and create a new unique experience for viewers and allows the user to be creative and express their feelings and opinions while watching their movie upload. Click to view YouTube clip...

Anna Lee

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Corrupt Politician - Is this a Redundant Term?

It seems like corruption and politics are synonymous in the Portuguese language. Brazil just got over the shame of the "mensal√£o"* and again images of a politician hiding money inside his underwear are released. Jose Roberto Arruda, Governor of Brasilia, was arrested on charges of bribery and corruption. His long list of wrongdoing includes: receiving illegal campaign funds for his election, receiving kickbacks for companies biding on public work, and bribing. To complete his shame, it was all recorded on tape and released on the internet.

Along with Brazil's long history of corruption we can also find various cases of impunity. But surprisingly enough his arrest has been followed by seven straight days in prison despite the request of habeas corpus made by Arruda's attorney. The global media has reported on this case so have bloggers around the globe. One blog that I find interesting and resourceful

Jakarta Forum provided its readers with relevant information on this shameful scandal. The blog focus on world news and does so in a diversified manner. It provides its readers with unbiased information.

*Corruption scheme where parliament members were caught selling their votes for large sums of money.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Is GM going on the right track??

This article came from a blog called “AUTOPIA” from You can find the article on and it is titled “GM to Build Its Own Electric Motors”

This is a great article talking about how GM is planning to become a leader in electronic motors. They want to be the leader in the market as soon as the US starts to move away from oil. GM has realized how much companies making hybrid and electric vehicles are depending on their suppliers; therefore they believe they can be more independent and differentiated if they produce their own batteries. They are expecting to start production in 2013 and in order to do so they are forecasting to spend some $246 million dollars in the factory.

Please leave you comments!!

Another Recall?

There is a chance that Toyota might add another 270,000 cars to its recall list. The Prius hybrid and two other Lexus models are being inspected. Toyota claims that the brake problems on the Prius model have been fixed since the late January. The cars built previous to that are now the topic of concern. I used to think Toyotas were some of the most reliable cars, now they're just rolling deathtraps. Who would want their family in one of those? Click on the blog title to read more about the recall.


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