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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Another Recall?

There is a chance that Toyota might add another 270,000 cars to its recall list. The Prius hybrid and two other Lexus models are being inspected. Toyota claims that the brake problems on the Prius model have been fixed since the late January. The cars built previous to that are now the topic of concern. I used to think Toyotas were some of the most reliable cars, now they're just rolling deathtraps. Who would want their family in one of those? Click on the blog title to read more about the recall.

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  1. Toyotas is the most reliable cars that i ever came across because them cars last for a extremely period of time. It always have to do with how you take care and not mistreat your cars. You must get your car serve effectively such as, oil change, tire rotation,and proper treatments. These the material that you need for the car can work more functionly throughout the years.