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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Come fly with me, let's fly, let's fly away

I was reading on MSNBC that a Japan airline has decided to respond to a women-only survey conducted in 2007. This survey determined that women WANT their own bathroom when flying! No more sharing toilets with men ladies! At least when flying on All Nippon Airways…

Speaking of Japan, have you ever seen or experienced using the bathroom over there? I hear the toilet is on the ground and you have to stand up… I then bumped with this article that was posted on “About an Island” this person also said that they have western looking toilets…. One difference is that they have remote controls with special gadgets…follow the link and find out what these gadgets do… is a hint for one of them: ever felt the toilet seat cold? Not anymore!

Going back to women requesting their own bathroom…. Let’s be honest but we (women) love to make requests and sometimes they can be weird or annoying….
This Healthy Lifestyle Blog will show you what women tend to do to restaurants menus….Do you agree?

Talking about eating right… The Diet Blog has an article titled
“Poll: Bacon or Sex?” …. Apparently 43% of Canadians said they would rather eat bacon than have sex….find out the percentage of men who said this…

If you are a bacon lover as well I found the perfect blog for you…
The Bacon Show is a blog that gives you recipes that include bacon!

I hope you enjoy the links.....SAYONARA everyone!

Anna Lee

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