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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Corrupt Politician - Is this a Redundant Term?

It seems like corruption and politics are synonymous in the Portuguese language. Brazil just got over the shame of the "mensalão"* and again images of a politician hiding money inside his underwear are released. Jose Roberto Arruda, Governor of Brasilia, was arrested on charges of bribery and corruption. His long list of wrongdoing includes: receiving illegal campaign funds for his election, receiving kickbacks for companies biding on public work, and bribing. To complete his shame, it was all recorded on tape and released on the internet.

Along with Brazil's long history of corruption we can also find various cases of impunity. But surprisingly enough his arrest has been followed by seven straight days in prison despite the request of habeas corpus made by Arruda's attorney. The global media has reported on this case so have bloggers around the globe. One blog that I find interesting and resourceful

Jakarta Forum provided its readers with relevant information on this shameful scandal. The blog focus on world news and does so in a diversified manner. It provides its readers with unbiased information.

*Corruption scheme where parliament members were caught selling their votes for large sums of money.

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  1. It is sad to see so many politicians get involved in corruption. Not only Brazilian politcians but politicians around the world. I guess that when you are up there corruption becomes tempting...