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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Assault With Snake

Tony Smith was charged with assault and battery for his attack on another guest at The Executive Inn in South Carolina. After Jeffery Culp spoke with Smith about turning down his loud music, Smith came up to Culp a while later and shoved a python in his face. When the police came, they found Smith walking on the balcony of the second floor still holding the snake. After giving up the snake to a family member, he was immediately arrested. Police reports state that Smith had been drinking before the incident.

I think that Smith hit Culp in the face with the snake hoping that the snake would bite him. Ball pythons are quite tame, but if any snake feels threatened, then the more likely it is to attack. The whole thing was just pointless, all he had to do was just turn down his music. I don't feel sorry for him, and I'm not going to blame it on the alcohol (sorry Jamie)! If he was able to organize the whole thing (calling someone and bringing the snake into the hotel), then he did have a shred of common sense available. He should have been charged with animal cruelty too!

Check out the video after the incident.

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