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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Women Try Traveling With Dead Body

This was a very strange story. How could they not know that he was dead? Two women were arrested on the suspicion of not reporting the death of a 91-year-old man. Gitta Jarant and Anke Anusic , ages 66 and 44, tried to leave on a flight to Berlin with the deceased Willi Jarant. They put sunglasses on him and told airport staff that he was sleeping.

Concerned airport staff called for medical help, but later found out the man had already been dead. The women were arrested immediatedly, and later on made bail until June 1. Anke claimed that he may have died along the way. She said Willi had Alzhiemer's, and that his health was starting to fail. The two women said that Willi just wanted to go home to die. With the help of a coroner, the police are doing some further investigation into the case.

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