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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

From beauty pageant to ugly lawsuit?

I was going to check my email this morning but before I signed on I got caught by an interesting headline. It was “Notorious Reality TV “Brat” sues ABC for $100 million”, the girl in the picture seemed very familiar, I knew I had seen her on TV…..right! on Wife Swap!

This episode showed a family that was obsessed with beauty pageants and outside appearance and a second family who believed in feminism….As you can see, a recipe for disaster!....I guess that this 15 year old girl is suing ABC for $100 million dollars because she thinks the show focused too much on her to make her look bad instead of focusing more on the moms experience.. I think you should all watch the episode and make your own opinion about this….personally this family is way too shallow and even do their daughter’s homework for her! Click on the link above to read the article….

This show is really funny, but at the same time you can learn and reflect on your lifestyle from what you see….You can either say thank God I am not like that or maybe I can try that at home….I really recommend people to check this show up at ABC.COM… can read and watch clips on the families that already participated…..

On Anderson Coopers 360 blog you can see the requirements and application for Wife Swap….Some questions are really funny…. No wonder strange families are picked! Who knows maybe you want to participate! Click on the link to read the application

Finally, I found this parenting blog on the New York Times called the "Motherlode"… parents post their experiences and issues of parenting their children…. I am sure many parents can find this site helpful and share their experiences with other parents who might be going through the same stuff…..

No one said being a parent would be easy right?!

Hopefully our kids don’t turn out like the blonde girl on wife swap!

Anna Lee

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